1. Somos Unidos (English) Baracutanga 03:03
  2. Somos Unidos (Spanglish) Baracutanga 03:03

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Somos fuerza, juego y alma
voces que animan a todo pulmón
la grandeza, de tu pueblo,
te llevara a ser campeón
te llevara a ser campeón

La energía, de tu juego,
llena de orgullo  este gran corazón
es el grito de la barra,
New Mexico United Campeón
New Mexico United Campeón

Vamos New Mexico Vamos
Aurinegro tengo el corazón
De la tierra del encanto
Yo te canto esta canción

Let’s go New Mexico let’s go
my heart is bleeding with yellow and black
the land of enchantment we come from
we sing this song all for you.

Somos Unidos New Mexico Campeón!!


We are strength, game and soul
Voices we raise at the top of our lungs;
And the greatness of your people
Will make you champions for all (x2)

It’s the power of your spirit
Your game that fills us with pride in our hearts
And the chanting of your fans:
New Mexico United Campeón (x2)

Let’s go New Mexico, Let’s go!
My heart is bleeding with yellow and black
The land of enchantment we come from
We sing this song all for you

Somos Unidos, New Mexico Campeón!


“Somos Unidos!” – the rally cry of our favorite fútbol team, New Mexico United. We say this phrase as fans pass each other on the streets, see it on large murals and signs throughout Albuquerque, proudly chant it in the stadium during matches, and now: we get to sing this uniting phrase and what it stands for as an anthem, together. Albuquerque-based band Baracutanga is proud to present the musical anthem “Somos Unidos” to the thousands of fans (and growing) that love the sport, love New Mexico, and bleed black and yellow. “We sing this song all for you.”

This song is just one of the songs that we have recorded for a “Baracutanga and Friends” collaborative album, to be released in late Spring  2021. If you’d like to join Baracutanga’s album journey in helping us to cover production costs, we encourage you to download the song. Two versions available, Spanish and Spanglish!


Somos Unidos

Release Date : March 5, 2019
Format : Digital Download