1. Cuida Tus Espaldas Baracutanga 5:00

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Night falls and the crew gets ready

They swear tonight your time is up

Time has passed in this dirty game

Maybe luck is on your side after all


Night after night, they follow your trace

Tonight your safe, tomorrow who knows

One by one, they’ll be caught


Listen my words, stop searching for them

Turn your back, just keep looking straight

There’s an ambush waiting at your step

One by one, they’ll be caught


Watch your back,

If she finds you she’ll put a price tag on you

Your dreams destroyed without any mercy

The game will is over and you’ll go to jail


Va caer la noche ellos ya se alistan

juran que esta noche te van a atrapar

ya ha pasado el tiempo en este sucio juego

pueda que la suerte esté ya en tu favor


Noche tras noche, siguen tras de ti

hoy día te salvas, mañana no sé

todos van cayendo


Por eso te digo deja de buscarla

baja la cabeza, no mires atrás

Das un paso el falso ellos al acecho

es solo tu cuerpo, tu alma jamás



Cuida tus espaldas

Si ella te ubica te pone precio

Sin piedad viene y destruye sueños

Se acaba el juego y te lleva preso


“Cuida tus Espaldas” is a song on which we turned right to our folkloric roots, exploring with Afro-Andean caporal rhythm and western elements to create a danceable anthem to denounce social injustice. In the lyrics we send a message of hope, to all those immigrants who feel they have been unjustly targeted by ICE by reminding them that they must stay alert, look over the shoulders and watch their backs and no matter what, if they’re physically removed, it’s only their bodies they take, but never their soul.

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Cuida Tus Espaldas

Release Date : January 5, 2019
Format : Digital Download